I tend to think in metaphores … so for me, the best way to describe Web 2.0 is with the word Democracy.

From what I have been reading, Web 1.0 was like the Feudal System where the few absolutely controlled the many: How users interacted with the web was dictated by the (mainly) business oriented websites that were more concerned with having a web presence than the user experience of that presence. The web user had to take what they were given and be happy about it. As with the Feudal system, this wasn’t all bad — we had to start somewhere! However, as with all systems as they age, the many began to get restless and desire a way to express themselves within this system. Web 2.0 lets web users do just that.

As with democracy, there are still a few who are in control, but the many have input into the system to improve their experience of it. If the user doesn’t like something, they don’t use it – they don’t have to. If the user wishes to engage with other users, they can. If the user wishes to remain anonymous, they can and if the user wishes to express themselves just because they can, they can!

As with the feudal system, democracy is not perfect but it is a more empowering and inclusive system where the many will try to keep the few “honest”! And as with democracy, Web 2.0 gets better the more people engage with it!!