As I said in my post Did You Know 4.0 policy sets boundaries and expectations: Clear boundaries ensure users understand that there may be consequences to breaching them resulting in users, usually, abiding by them.

I see that five key points for libraries to consider in writing a Social Media Policy for employee use of Web 2.0 tools using company resources are:

  1. All employees need to be aware of the terms of use: of company computers, paid work time and company internet facilities. It is not unreasonable for employees to expect some level of restriction on their use of company assets. Further, the company can also be held accountable for staff behaviours if nothing is done to stop illegal behaviour (e.g. racism, sexism, etc.) that is being conducted on company assets.
  2. The Social Media Policy needs to be consistent with all other company policies. If all policies are consistent, then they are easier to remember and adhere to. So if the Computer Use policy states that employees are not allowed to access Facebook (for example) using work computers, then the Social Media Policy needs to state that only approved users will be given access to Facebook and that it must only be used for company business.
  3. There needs to be a clear understanding and statement around privacy: both operational and customers’ privacy. All organisations have information that they wish to keep private be that proprietary information or customer details or even personnel details. There are legal and moral obligations that need to be followed and these requirements need to be very clear.
  4. Be transparent: ensure that it is understood that full disclosure is important in comments. Insisting that employees disclose that they work for the organisation is good practice and enhances customer trust in the organisation. It should also be clear that such disclosure is not necessary in their personal networks.
  5. Be professional. This is important. At work, one is a professional and they must be expected to behave as a professional. This includes such behavoiurs as not arguing with customers or staff in public forums, not making negative comments about the organisation on Social Media, etc.

I choose these out of the myriad of possibilities as I see them as being quite broad but narrow enough to have meaning.