The first part of this entry shows a comparative table of three local libraries use of social media and the second part discusses why libraries should be on social media.

the libraries chosen for the comparative table are all local libraries in the same region:

Wollongong City Library

Shellharbour City Library

Kiama Library

Comparitive table

Now for the second part of this post … Why libraries should be on social media.

I would like to point out that this is not a question, but a statement – Libraries need to be on social media. Access to information, once the sole domain of libraries, museums and universities, is more convenient and more cost effective than ever before. The following quote is from the introduction to my second assignment for this subject:

“In her article “If you are not online … do you exist?” (Grigg, 2012) Grigg makes the point quite clear: If your online presence is minimal, or difficult to find, customers will go elsewhere. In this age of ‘googling’ can the library afford to be the last stop for an information seeker/customer? (Behrends, 2012) In a 2007 report to Waverley Council, Wallace and Bathur note not only the decrease in State Government funding to Councils for Public Libraries, but that “[p]ublic libraries are no longer solely store houses of information. They play an important educational, cultural and social role within the community” (Wallace and Bathur, 2007, p.18-19). Further to this, Behrends (2012) argues that libraries need to have an online presence to push their services to users in preference to Google results.”

I could list lots of dot points as to why libraries should be on social media, but the above says it all: Libraries need to join the wider community and engage with users to provide the service the user needs.

As Vanilla Ice said: “Stop, collaborate and listen”. As tomorrows librarians, this is what we need to do today.


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