From all that I have read during this subject, I see that an information professional in a Web 2.0 world needs to be:

  • willing to explore and try new technologies, whilst also being aware that not all Web 2.0 technologies will be useful to their library
  • somewhat tech savvy – a basic understanding of how Web 2.0 ( and other) technologies work is essential to ensuring that technology decisions are made with ‘eyes wide open’ (so to speak)
  • willing to collaborate with other professionals and library users to provide best fit technologies for their library
  • flexible – the world of Web 2.0 is constantly changing (perpetual beta) so what works today, may not tomorrow and vice versa
  • tomorrows librarian – Web 2.0 is always looking to the future – how something can be improved – and as information professionals we need to do the same thing — what worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow.

There are quite possibly many more attributes and skills that I could list here, but I think that this covers the essentials.