Reading Anna Laura Brown’s piece: “A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries” really does get one thinking about the ways in which libraries use Social Networking. In regards to my local library (referenced below), Brown’s piece does help to ‘critique’ the Social Networking services offered by them. Here, I will consider five of the suggestions given by Brown in regards to how Wollongong City Library might be able to apply them.

B – Blog: From looking at the library website, I cannot see any reference to a library blog. The library does have a “What’s happening” section in its website, but it is not resident on the library home page. Further, once you are looking at the “What’s happening” section, you need to click on each event to see a description. If a blog was used, it could reside on the home page and only require one click to access it.

F – Facebook: Whilst the library has recently started a Facebook page, it is currently quite underwhelming. There is a lot of advertising of programs (past and future) on the page, but very little else. Considering that 97%of Australians who access the internet use Facebook (Sensis, 2011, p.13), a more vibrant and inclusive Facebook page would be a valuable asset to Wollongong City Library’s web presence: to advertise, to communicate, to engage.

G – Goodreads: The library does provide access to its catalogue online, as well as access to Bolinda for its eBooks, but there is no facility for customers to share their reviews of the books they have read. Part of reading is sharing and Goodreads aims to incite excitement about reading.

N – Ning: Ning, as a Social Networking site would enable the library to create a website with all the features of various Social Networking sites in the one site, making access easier. However, this service is no longer free and the library would have to decide if it can justify the monthly fees.

V – Video: The library conducts “Living Library” talks which would be an excellent start for a YouTube channel. Currently even finding the information about the Living Library is difficult.


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