The Arizona State University has a YouTube channel called “The Library Minute“. On this channel, web users can watch a variety of one minute videos which inform and instruct library users and advertises the ASU libraries and their services. For example:

ADVERTISE — The Library Minute: Exhibits. Here the library advertises the various exhibits they have such as private collections, music exhibits and University Departmental exhibits.

… and this one The Library Minute: Mobile Web advertises a new library web service for devices such as smartphones.

INFORM/ADVERTISE — The Library Minute: Meet Your Subject Librarian. This video sees the library advertise its services as well as informing users of the availability of ‘Subject Librarians’.

INSTRUCT — The Library Minute: Open Access. This video gives viewers a quick overview of what ‘Open Access’ means …

… and this one The Library Minute: Checking Out Books instructs library users to search, locate and borrow books.

Further to their YouTube Channel, ASU Library also utilises other Web 2.0 technologies, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, ASU Libraries also have a presence on iTunes U. Whilst this is not a web resident technology, and may not be considered entirely Web 2.0 (and yes, it can also be seen as a great marketing tool for Apple to sell it’s tablet computers) it essentially opens up knowledge to a variety of users which fits in with Michael Stephens’ principles of Library 2.0, namely that Library 2.0 is about breaking down barriers to information/knowledge (Michael Stephens, Library 2.0 Discussion Up at SirsiDynix, 28/02/2006).

ASU @ iTunes U

ASU @ iTunes U

There are ‘4C’s’ that Social Media aims to achieve and I am looking at whether the ASU Library web presence meets these 4C’s:

  • Collaboration — I could not see a lot of opportunity for this.
  • Conversation — With the Twitter account, there is much opportunity for two-way conversations.
  • Community — A Facebook presence certainly opens the doors to community.
  • Content Creation/Co-creation — Whilst the library itself is creating content, I could not see any co-creation.

So, does the ASU Library’s Web 2.0 presence meet these 4C’s?

On the whole, not really. Although, it is giving it a good try!


Stephens, M. (2006). Library 2.0 discussion up at Sirsidynx. Retrieved January 17, 2013 from