I have been asked to think about “how the flexibility around intellectual property enables a digital economy where the creative re-use of online objects and data sources allows for the creation of new objects and products.” Not an easy task!

The creative use and re-use of data certainly offers many opportunities to reinvigorate and regenerate data. However, it also offers just as many opportunities for people to use someone else’s data without attribution, virtually claiming it as their own. So in looking at mash-ups I was certainly in two minds about the overall value and validity of such flexibility, and I really was leaning towards viewing the value in the negative. So I did some research and came across an article that I found really helped me to move towards seeing the positives of mash-ups. I recommend it be read.

Mash-up controversy: Cross promotion or copyright infringement?

I can still see the potential for illegality within mash-ups, I am beginning to see the greater value of mash-ups.