WOW! The video (below) itself is engaging, but there are some phrases that are really thought-provoking. I have written these down:

  • “The greatest technology humans have ever invented is humanity itself. We domesticated ourselves … we cannot live as a species without technology.”
  • “We’ve invented ourselves and it’s our greatest invention so far.” — These first two statements blew me away as we don’t often think of the advances we have made as a species — the way we operate within a community of other humans, the way we can change ourselves and our environment (not always for the better mind you) to make our lives better, longer, more stimulating, more comfortable!
  • Whilst there are many things about technology that we may not be able to control “we [do] have choices in the character of these technologies.”
  • “We have to use things in order to find out about them … we actually have to engage with technology. The only way we can determine if something is good for us or bad for us is through use.”
  • The web is a large-scale organism — I think especially now that we are using more interactive tools. We can see the organism grow and chance with us!
  • We will define ourselves by what technologies we don’t use — I think in lots of ways this is already happening. Apple is a good example (

I really like the ideas Kevin Kelly presents because we often look back to childhood (as least I do as I get older!) and yearn for the simpler times, when there wasn’t so much technology, but in reality there was a lot of it — just different!


Kelly, K. (2009, December 1). Penny Thoughts on the Technium. [Video file]. Retrieved from